Mission and Vision




It is our mission to provide a safe, reliable, and fast MRT service; strengthening the economy of the Taichung Metropolitan area, improving industries, citizens, and social responsibilities, while accomplishing sustainable management ideals.


Vision: Premium MRT, Connecting Happiness

TMRT Co. Limited emphasizes not being Number One but instead being the Only One. This ideal supports the goal of connecting our commuters, tourists, and communities. We also aim to support our staff to the best of our abilities in providing care and assistance to our passengers, fulfilling our goal to proudly represent our city.


Core Values:Discipline, Integrity and Innovation     

Discipline will be enforced through perseverance and strict attitudes, fulfilling work requirements, focusing on every aspect of commuting service, and completing one’s duties.

Acting with integrity to fulfill our commitments means effectively creating a respectable and moral company culture.

Innovating through brainstorming about new technology developments, creating constant breakthroughs while working diligently on improving the well-being of our people.