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TPASS Chapter One


TPASS is a transportation pass which is valid for 30 days frin the first day you use. You can enjoy unlimited rides by using the TPASS on convered transportation vehicles within covered area. Also free 30 minutes rides on YouBike Or Moovo within area.

TPASS types,prices and vehicles

Taichung citizenstheir foreign spouses and Students enrolled in a school that is in Taichung City Can Use Taichung Citizen discount. First you register Taichung Citizen into your e-ticket card. Second your e-ticket card deposit enough amount in that e-ticket card to buy your TPASS,then the Taichung Citizen discount will be applied.

In what areas I can use my TPASS? You can go to destination by that contains City Public Bus,MRT,Bike,Train,Intercity Bus,Coaches.

TPASS Chapter Two: How to buy

EasyCard,iPass and icash can be used as my TPASS but Taiwan Railway and YouBike are not covered by using icash.

Where to buy the TPASS

What should be ready before I buy TPASS? 1.One adult e-ticket card 2.Deposit enough amount in your e-ticket card. 3.Register Taichung Citizen into your e-ticket. Note:Each e-ticket card only be one TPASS.

TPASS Chapter Three:How to Use

Simply tap your TPASS onto the card reader at the train gate,MRT,or Bus,then your TPASS is activated and valid for 30 days.。

TPASS must be activated within 30 days after purchase. It could not loger be activated after expired.

How to renew my TPASS?? Within 10 days before the expiration date of your activated TPASS,you could renew your TPASS at the ticket booth. It will be automatically activated on the next day after the end of the current valid period,no need to activate it again.

You can not share your TPASS with your friends absolutely. If sharing were found,the TPASS will be terminated with no refund.

Whether a TPASS is activated or not,it can be refunded. The refunded amount will be deposited in the e-wallet of your card. Once your TPASS is activated,you can only request a refund within the valid period.

★Taichung GO!Official Website of TPASS: