Lost and Found Information Office

Lost and Found Information Office遺失物中心

  • Service Hours

Notice: The Lost and Found Service Center will be closed on April 4 and 5, 2024, due to the Children's Day and Tomb Sweeping Day. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Tuesday to Saturday 12:00-20:00 

No service on Mondays, Sundays and holidays

  • Service Number


  • Service Location

TMRT Wenxin Zhongqing station 3F non-paying area

(near Passenger Agent Office)

  • Passengers Missing Items

Passengers missing items may contact the station enquiry or fill out a lost item application form or call our lost and found information office for assistance.

  • Passengers with Found Lost Items

Situation should be handled by company station staff, filling out a found item form. Our company will provide a receipt to the passenger on returning the item for them to keep.

  • Passenger lost item claim

When claiming a lost item, the lost item must belong to the person claiming it. Photographic or valid evidence must be provided. If the owner of the lost item entrusts another person to claim the lost item, they must provide photographic or valid evidence. The entrusted person claiming the lost item must also provide valid ID of the person claiming the lost item and their lost item application form for the lost item claimed to be processed. The owner of the lost item must sign the lost item claim declaration form stating that they are to be held accountable for any illegal activities or legal responsibilities.