Station Facilities

Wheelchair ramp

Located at station entrances and exits, where there are elevated and lowered floors, wheelchair ramps are installed for the convenience of passengers travelling with large luggage, wheelchairs or the mobility impaired.

Wheelchair accessible parking space

Wheelchair accessible parking spaces are located near station entrances/exits, passengers with mobility impairment can park their cars here with protected rights to park, shortening the distance to station entrances/exits. 

Wheelchair accessible direction signs

Stations have wheelchair accessible designed routes equipped with direction signs to guide mobility impaired passengers to ramps, wheelchair accessible stairs, entrances/exits and wheelchair accessible elevators. 

Wheelchair accessible attention pattern floor tiles

Places such as the top and bottom of escalators, safety hazardous areas, in front of important facilities/equipment will have spotted patterned attention floor tiles. The function is for guiding people, allowing visually impaired passengers to identify their surroundings or transitions, safely move up or down between levels, and safely use facilities. 

Wheelchair accessible top up/ticket vending machine

Stations are equipped with wheelchair accessible top up/ticket vending machines, the height of these machines are lower than the regular machines for the convenience of passengers using wheelchairs. These machines provide single trip tickets and top ups along with ticket or card inquires.

Wheelchair accessible automatic gates

Stations are equipped with wheelchair accessible automatic gates, for the convenience of passengers travelling with large luggage, wheelchairs or those with mobility impairment. Usually located beside passenger agent office, the gates are equipped with service bells to allow passengers to instantly contact staff for assistance.

Wheelchair accessible elevators

Station elevators are all wheelchair accessibly designed. In addition to having doors that open for an extended period of time for the convenience of the elderly, pregnant women, passengers travelling with large luggage, passengers with wheelchairs, and the mobility impaired, braille control panels, voice systems, handrails and intercoms are also installed to contact the help desk in case of emergencies. 

Wheelchair accessible waiting zone

Located on the platform waiting zone, in correspondence to the front of the train and first window at the end of the train, with indicators installed for identification. Conveniently allows passengers with wheelchairs to immediately move towards their designated zones upon entering the train.

Emergency panic button

The men’s restroom, women’s restroom, family restroom, wheelchair accessible restroom, nursing room are all installed with emergency panic buttons. In case of emergency, press the button and station staff will respond.

Station Intercom

The entrance/exit of the station, wheelchair accessible restroom, family restroom, platform, nursing room, beside train doors, wheelchair accessible boarding area are all equipped with passenger intercoms. Under any circumstance you may press the button to communicate with station staff for assistance.