Ticket Types

Single-Journey Ticket

Single Journey Ticket / Concession Tickets for the Elderly
  1. Single-Journey Ticket : Suitable for single trip.
  2. Concessionaire Tickets for the elderly and disabled:National senior citizens aged 65 and above, those with disabilities holding disability cards and one of the necessary companions.
Selling Price
  1. Single-Journey Ticket : Priced according to general ticket fares.
  2. Concessionaire Tickets for the elderly and disabled:50% off general ticket fares.
Where to Purchase
  1. Single-Journey Ticket : TMRT Station's Passenger Agent Offices, ticket vending machines.
  2. Concessionaire Tickets for the elderly and disabled:TMRT Station's Passenger Agent Offices.

Tickets are only valid on day of purchase and are void upon expiration.

Refund Unused tickets are only refundable on the day of purchase.
  1. To enter the station, use the ticket to make contact with the sensor zone;to leave the station, tickets will be recollected by the automatic gates.
  2. When purchasing concessionaire tickets for the elderly and disabled, passengers are required to show personal identification as proof, such as disability certificate, national identification card.
  3. The passenger whose single journey ticket was lost or damaged must pay NT$50 for the cost of the ticket production.

Stored Value Card:EasyCard/iPass/icash2.0

Electronic tickets
Eligibility General Public
Fare rate Priced according to general ticket fares.
Where to Purchase The electronic tickets with TMRT imagery can be purchased at TMRT Passenger Agent Offices.
Top Up
  1. Cards can be topped up at TMRT Passenger Agent Offices , ticket vending machines.
  2. Cards can be topped up by NT$1 or more and with the maximum amount you can add to the card being NT$10,000.
Card Refund
  1. According to the official issuing authority regulations, electronic tickets can  be refunded.
  2. When refunding EasyCards customer will be charged NT$20 service fee each card. This charge will be waived if the card has been activated for more than 3 months(inclusive) and used five times(inclusive) or more.
  3. If cards cannot be refunded in person(for instance, the electronic tickets are unreadable), passengers may ask for an envelope to mail the electronic tickets back to the ticket issuing authority or contact with the ticket issuing authority to conduct the refunding procedure.
  1. Once an electronic ticket has been sold, it cannot be refunded for the original price and cannot be exchanged for another type of ticket.
  2. Electronic tickets cannot be refunded for partial remaining value and will be restricted to use once refunded. Customers need to purchase a new electronic ticket if required to use electronic tickets.
  3. For ticket inquiry and other related issues, please contact the ticket issuing authority’s customer service or visit their official website:EasyCard Corporation 24-hour customer service hotline: 412-8880 (Add 02 for mobile phone users or users calling from the Kinmen or Matsu area), iPass Corporation :07-7912000, icash Corporation 24-hour customer service hotline: 0800-233-888 (Mobile phone users please dial: 02-2657-6388).

Travel Passes:One Day Pass/24H Pass/48H Pass

One Day Ticket/24H Pass/48H Pass
Eligibility   General Public
Selling Price  
  1. One-Day Pass:NT$120.
  2. 24-hour Pass : NT$150.
  3. 48-hour Pass : NT$250.
Where to Purchase   TMRT Station's Passenger Agent Offices.
  1. One-Day Pass:Once activated by scanning at the gates, it is valid for unlimited travel on the TMRT until end of service on the same day.
  2. 24/48-hour Pass:Once activated by scanning at the gates, it is valid for unlimited travel on the TMRT for 24/48 hours.
  1. Once activated by scanning at the gates, the tickets cannot be refunded.
  2. Tickets not be activated can be refundable. Each ticket will be charged NT$20 service fee.
  1. Tickets cannot be topped up and excluded of a deposit  and balance.
  2. If tickets are damaged or lost for reasons not attributable to the fault of TMRT company, the tickets cannot be reissued.
  3. Vaild for one passenger at a time only.   

Group Ticket

Group Ticket
Eligibility Groups of 10 people or more.
Selling Price 20% off general ticket fares.
Where to Purchase TMRT Station's Passenger Agent Offices.
Validity Valid only on the issuing day.
Refund Unused tickets can be refunded at the TMRT Passenger Agent Offices.
  1. Passengers are required to enter and exit the stations together through the service gate.
  2. Tickets will be recollected by station staff after exiting station.
  3. Unavailable for pre-order.


Electronic tickets For TPASS
Ticket type   

EasyCard, iPASS, icash.

Ticket price   
  1.  Taichung TPASS:

     (1) Taichung Citizens:NT$299

     (2) Regular Price:NT$599

  2.  Chung-Chang-Tou-Miao TPASS:

     (1) Taichung Citizens:NT$699

     (2) Regular Price:NT$999

Ticket validity period    Your TPASS must be activated within 30 days of purchase, and the validity period shall be 30 consecutive days from the date of first use (all transportation except Shared Bicycles can be used for activation).
Purchase method   Passengers can choose to purchase a new e-ticket card or go to a designated sales channel with their own e-ticket card to purchase a TPASS.
Purchase location  
  1. Taichung City 29 District Offices.
  2. Taichung MRT stations.
  3. Taiwan Railway stations within Chung-Chang-Tou-Miao Area.
    Exclude Yongjing, Yuanquan, Longquan, Checheng, Qiding, Tanwen, Zaoqiao, Longgang and Nanshi stations.
  4. Intercity Bus/Coach Stations.
  5. Township and City Offices in Nantou County.
    Township offices in certain parts of Changhua County.
  6. Famiport - Purchasing at FamilyMart (EasyCard)
  7. Easy Wallet APP.

★Each area only sells TPASS for the local area and Chung-Chang-Tou-Miao TPASS.

Ticket refund  
  1. Whether a TPASS is activated or not, it can be refunded.
  2. The refunded amount will be deposited in the e-wallet of your card. Once your TPASS is activated, you can only request a refund within the valid period.
  3. Please refer to the official website of TPASS Taichung GO! for detailed refund rules.
Taichung GO!
Official Website of TPASS



Electronic Payment:Easy Wallet

Electronic Payment:Easy Wallet
Eligibility   General Public
How to Apply   Applied in accordance with EasyCard related regulations.
Fare rate   Priced according to general ticket fares.
How to Use   Applied according to EasyWallet Website:https://easywallet.easycard.com.tw/tutorial/step?cls=500000000