Passenger Email

If you have other questions that require urgent attention, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service center during service time (08:00~24:00) on +886-4-37063606.

Taichung Mass Rapid Transit Co. Ltd., hereon referred to as the “company” under the Personal Data Protection Act, will ask for your permission when receiving your personal information and notify you of the following terms. This declaration is proof of your approval for the company collecting, processing, and using your personal information.

1.     Purpose of collecting personal information:
The purpose of our company collecting your personal information is for customer services and client management.

2.     Types of proving personal information :
Name, address, Email address, telephone number, mobile phone number, age, gender.

3.     Times of use, locations of use, targets of use, and methods of use:
Times of use:Up to three years upon completion of an application form.
Locations of use:Republic of China and applicants domestic or international address.
Targets of use:Company, branch companies, associated companies, outsourced agencies/companies, judicial authorities, agencies with legal investigation rights.
Methods of use:Keeping a written database collecting suggestions and reviews by passengers in reference to service improvement, and will not be used for other purposes.

4.    Under the third regulation of the Personal Data Protection Act, you may exercise the following rights with regard to your personal information:
1. Inquire, request for a review, make duplications of your personal information. Company may charge necessary handling fees  
2. You may request to supplement or correct your personal information, but in terms of Article 19 of the enforcement rule of the Act, you shall explain the reason and facts properly.
3. In terms of the 3rd paragraph of Article 11 of the Act, you may request the Company to delete, discontinue processing or using your personal information when the specific purpose no longer exists or time period expires. However, the preceding sentence may not be applicable when it is necessary for the performance of an official duty or fulfillment of a legal obligation and has been recorded, or when it is agreed by you in writing.

5.  You may decide to refuse providing personal information and the impact of nondisclosure of personal information:
You may refuse to provide all or some of your personal information, but the company may also fail to provide or inquire reviews as a result.

6.    You agree to giving the company the authority to legally make edits to this notice. You also agree to allowing the company to post edited results on the company’s website. You may, at any given time, visit the company website to review the edited changes.

(Please include your name,comtact number,location and time of occurrence in the email content)
(If any provided names, contact numbers and email address are verified to be anonymous or untrue, or the description contains no concrete substance, your case will be left unattended.)